Snaps' first Styled Shoot

The recent Purple Haze Styled Shoot at Bear Ridge Destination was so much fun! Not only was I accompanied by my trusted 2nd shooter Rachel and videographer Jake, but we also brought along our latest addition to the team – the Snap Booth!

At our core, we are storytellers. Having these three media formats (photo, video, & snap booth) allowed us to better tell the story of what went down at our first ever styled shoot.

Perfect Pics


Consistent Clips


Photobooth Fun

Snap Booth

Storytelling at Styled Shoots

Every picture tells a story. This old adage is particularly true when it comes to styled photography shoots. These carefully curated sessions are more than just a collection of beautiful images; they weave a narrative, with each element contributing to a larger, more intricate story. As photographers, we are not merely observers, but storytellers, using our lenses to capture and convey a unique narrative.

Incorporate Storytelling into Your Styled Shoot:

I. Create Mood with Lighting & Composition.

Use lighting and composition to set the tone of your story. Dramatic shadows can create suspense, while soft, natural light can evoke a sense of tranquility. Your choice of composition also plays a crucial role, with different angles and framing techniques adding dynamic elements to your narrative.

II. Capture Emotions.

The emotions portrayed by your subjects can make your story more relatable and compelling. Photographers should guide their models to express genuine emotions that align with the narrative of the shoot.

III. Sequence your Shots.

Just like a book, your shoot should have a beginning, middle, and end. Sequencing your shots in a way that unfolds your narrative can make your story more coherent and engaging.

Bear Ridge Styled Shoot

"As photographers, we are not merely observers, but storytellers, using our lenses to capture and convey a unique narrative."

Incorporating storytelling into your styled shoot can take your images from pretty pictures to powerful narratives. It adds depth, invokes emotion, and creates a deeper connection between the viewer and the image.

To all the vendors who took part in the Purple Haze styled shoot, thank you for your hard work and shared creativity. And to Bear Ridge Destination and Heather Vickery from @WEweddingsevents, thank you for providing such a stunning backdrop for this magical day.

Until the next shoot, keep creating and making memories!

Snaps from the Snap Booth!