Hello and welcome to an exciting new chapter in our journey. We are thrilled to introduce you to our new & improved SNAPS BY SEAN logo. For us, it feels like more than just a simple design change. Rather, it's a powerful symbol that embodies our brand identity.

The Role of a Logo

Often, logos are seen as secondary to a business's operations, and we can understand why. After all, what we do – capturing memories, telling stories through our lenses – is so much more than a logo. However, this does not diminish the importance of a logo as a representation of our brand. For us, it holds a special significance that we feel is important to share.

Two Pillars

Our new logo is a visual narrative of who we are and what we do. The “S” in our logo, with its two distinct ends, represents the two pillars of our business - photography & videography. These two mediums are the vehicles through which we tell stories.


Yin & Yang

At the heart of the “S”, there’s two circles, one removed from the center. These circles symbolize the balance between tradition and innovation. We are committed to incorporating classic, traditional elements of photo & video with a fresh approach.

Rigid & Soft

The “S” as a whole is a study in contrasts - a blend of hard, rigid corners on the inside, and soft, curved lines on the outside. This design perfectly captures our commitment to precision while also reflecting our adaptability to meet our client’s needs.


More Than Just A Visual Change

As we often do, we celebrate not just a moment, but a story — and now, this is the story of our journey, our growth, and our commitment to the craft. We look forward to creating more memories with our clients, one snap at a time.