Heirloom Album

No story is complete without a book to tell it

Heirloom Album

No story is complete without a book to tell it

Albums are often a couple's first legacy piece. Something passed along to children & family, where their story will live on for years to come. That's why we've partnered with KISS books to offer a timeless album that's created to last lifetimes.


Tell Your Story

Heirloom Album Pricing


8x8 Linen Album
- 10 spreads (~30 images)
- luster paper
- thin pages



10x10 Linen Album
- 20 spreads (~60 images)
- luster paper
- thin pages
- cameo included


Premium Plus

12x12 Fine Linen Album
- 30 spreads (~100 images)
- matte paper
- thick pages
- cameo included
- debossing included





cameo - $30

debossing - $50


Cover Material


LEATHER - $100

Page Upgrades

Matte Paper - $12/spread

Thick pages - $16/spread

Extra pages - $15/spread


presentation box - $50

walnut box - $250


4x4 Linen Album
- 10 spreads (~20 images)
- luster paper
- thin pages


Mini 2.0

4x4 Linen Album
- 20 spreads (~60 images)
- luster paper
- thin pages
- cameo photo



9x6 Linen Album
- 1 video spread


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an Heirloom Album special?

A.An Heirloom Album is a bespoke, handcrafted piece of art that showcases your most cherished moments from your wedding day. It is a keepsake designed to last for generations.

What's the process of creating an Heirloom Album?

A.After selecting your favorite photos, we work closely with you to design a layout that tells your story. Upon your approval, the album is handcrafted and delivered to you.

Do you offer complimentary Heirloom Albums?

A.Yes, we offer a complimentary, 8x8 Standard Heirloom Album with 10 spreads. Any additional customizations or upgrades, however, would require a separate charge.

Every wedding client has $200 to put towards an Heirloom Album.

What materials are used in the production of an Heirloom Album?

A.Our albums are made with museum-grade, archival-quality photographic paper and bound in a variety of premium materials, including linen, fine linen, & leather.

What options do I have for customizing my Heirloom Album?

A.You have the freedom to choose from a variety of sizes, paper types, cover materials, and even personalize the album with your names and wedding date (engraving or debossing).

Who picks what photos are included?

A.You can pick your favorite photos from the final photo gallery to be included in the album. From there, I'll design the spreads and send them to you for your review. We go back and forth until you're happy with the end product.

Nothing gets sent to print without your approval.

What is a cameo?

A.A cameo photo is a 4in. x 4in. photo on the outside cover of your album.

On Mini Albums, the cameo photo is 2in. x 2in.

How thick are the pages?

A.Thick pages are 2mm thick. They are a sturdy build that is constructed with a substrate between each page.

Thin pages have a much lower profile. These pages do not have the substrate that thick pages do, but are two photo pages set back-to-back.

Can I save money on duplicate albums?

A.Yes, take 10% off any duplicate album, in any other size.

How long does it take to receive my Heirloom Album after ordering?

A.Typically, you can expect your album to arrive 6-8 weeks after the final design approval.

How are Heirloom Albums designed for future generations?

A.Our albums are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. The archival-quality materials used ensure that your album will be enjoyed by generations to come, without fading.

What makes an Heirloom Album a worthy investment?

A.An Heirloom Album is more than just a collection of photos - it's a tangible record of your memories and a piece of family history that can be handed down through generations.

Investing in an Heirloom Album means investing in a legacy. It's a timeless piece that not only captures your memories but also becomes a part of your family's heritage.